TORNADO SAR - NEW! Zello Operations Channel Launched by USCFHQ

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

It's tornado season and that means the USCF Civil Defense Grid is on call for whatever Mother Nature wants to dish out. After creating Lee County Tornado SAR channel, reports of 3 possible tornado touchdowns yesterday, needing to be vetted for SAR teams, who were ready to deploy boots on the ground, decided it. One channel for all Tornado SAR operations at http://zello.com/tornado (yeah haters, we own that one too).

USCF Dispatchers, Watch Team, Intel Team, Weather Team, Action Team, SAR Team, Medical Team and Recon Team are requested to report in to your team channels and join the new TORNADO SAR operations channel at http://zello.com/tornado


Founder of USCF

ABOUT US - United States Civilian Forces is the Civilian Authority of We the People - the first branch of government and force of last resort since 1776.

USCF has maintained the USCF Civil Defense Grid in Geo-Cyber-Space - a volunteer crowdsource asymmetrical civil defense and open source intel platform since 2015.

The Grid is made of 8 integrated teams of US citizens standing up to defend the People, property and principles of the United States from acts of terrorism, tyranny and natural disasters.

USCF distinguished itself & delivered proof of concept of our Civil Defense Grid by becoming the #1 EMS Disaster Response Team when 911 Fails (As seen on TV in Hurricane Irma). We have deployed 2000+ volunteers boots online & boots on the ground in 50+US operations+13 hurricanes since 2015.

In an Actual US Emergency: Dial911➡ Then Join "USCF Emergency Rescue" at http://zello.com/dispatch (1st download Zello App at http://zello.com/app)

Join Today at USCF HQ 202-798-2179 SMS Only.

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