Alt Right - Threat Assessment

This is a assessment of NJOHSP - New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness Nov 13, 2018 bulletin sent to us.

Here is the "intel" piece forwarded to us in the NJOHSP briefing, as if the NY Times has become their CFR for dictating domestic policy and giving marching orders for the State of New Jersey.


Where is the NJOHSP intel briefing on the #FAKENEWS being pumped to dump the 2nd amendment rights of every American by this type of NYTimes propaganda demonizing and targeting their red state political, racial and religious enemies headed by their head Critic-In-Chief @POTUS 45?

The whole idea of Alt Right is #fakenews. It is a clever way of associating neonazi white supremecist racists etc with everyone else to the right of center who is not a neonazi white supremecist racist. That is like saying everyone left of center is a pedophile.

Is NJOHSP stuck in the blue tide state of the Obama Era that witnessed Muslim Brotherhood insurgents running the White House, CIA, FBI and DHS?

That insurgency predictably produced the "Alt Right is a greater threat than Islam" partisan political narrative that sought to dehumanize, marginalize and paralyze white male republican gun owning patriotic Christians (the right) by lumping them in with racist, white nationalists, white supremecists and fascist neo nazis to pass legislation to effectively repeal the 2nd amendment.

That is of course the prereq for the ultimate take down of America to usher in the end game of a US Muslim caliphate drafted in the 1970s by the antecedents to CAIR (a NWO One World Govt under the Saudi led UN) that John Brennan, Bushes, Clintons, Rockefellers, Obamas and Muslim Brotherhood could not only dream about, but tried and are still trying to make happen by impeaching Trump, as if...

Conclusion, until NJOHSP drops the alt right narrative and calls a spade a spade instead of a club a spade, why should they be taken seriously as a credible nonpartisan impartial law enforcement agency and why shouldn't they be lumped in with the lunatic satanic pedophiles, Antifa and radical Islam on the Alt Left?

USCF Policy Advisory

NJOHSP has 3 options:

Policy A) If you want to fight We the People and start a civil war to end in a failed state creating a power vacuum to be filled by the UN Agenda 2030 Strong City Network treaty signed in 2015 by Obama, then pick a side on the right or left (NJOHSP clearly already did and it wasn't right).

Policy B) If you want to govern a state of peace with the consent of We the People, then remain impartial (the cost of leadership) by:

1) Ending the Alt Right narrative.

2) Report Neo Nazi crime as Neo Nazi crime. There is no relationship between neo nazis and non neo nazis on the right side of the political spectrum.

3) Report exclusionary racial seperatists as racial nationalists whether they are black (New Black Panthers), white (KKK) or hispanic (La Razza). They do not belong to the left, right or center. Racists are found everywhere and they do not represent America on any side of the political spectrum.

4) Stop drinking the MSM #Fakenews kool aid and start thinking critically for yourself and

5) Try to overcome your social conditioning biases.

6) America will thank you.

Policy C) Do nothing (see Policy A).

In God We Trust,



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