Counter-Jihad: Is it Terrorism or War?

First watch the Christchurch Mosque massacre that was livestreamed on FB live where 49 people were killed.

Download the ubittorrent app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.utorrent.client then click here to download the 65mb file (viewer discretion advised - 49 people getting wasted with rifles) https://kiwifarms.net/public/junk/Christchurch%20Shooting.torrent

This is the shooter's manifesto here in pdf format https://kiwifarms.net/attachments/the-great-replacement-pdf.695022/

This is what counter jihad looks like from a neo nazi perspective.

Some call it terrorism some call it war - whatever you call it - it is never pretty. Was that NSW Mosque part of the jihad? 80% of mosques in USA openly promote jihad, so very likely.

It was only a matter of time when counter jihadis would rise up and strike back. So it has begun. The white people fighting back did not start this...but they and people of all races are certainly ready to put an end to any jihad directed towards them.

Successful US military operations to counter Islamic terrorism jihadis in over 80 countries on 6 continents (40% of world's nations) are proof of that.

Map Ref: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-19/smithsonian-map-shows-us-military-operating-over-40-worlds-countries

Obviously his shooting these people did not achieve his aim of getting white women to produce 2.06 children (the population replacement rate). Better if he would have gotten 49 white women pregnant and live streamed that. Just sayin.

Is the best policy containment and segregation? Should Muslims retreat to the ME and stay there? Otherwise it seems clear there will be a blood bath. There are millions of guys like this one in Europe looking to lock and load. Refugee camps in Europe have been burned. White Europeans are arming and preparing to fight back the jihad and fight hard.

The sun symbol he has on his gear is neo nazi, though he denies being so. ASOV is one such group in the Ukraine who uses such symbols and they are openly neo nazi. The US Congress had banned them for receiving funding or any type of military support. USCFHQ does not support neo nazis, supremecism of any race or color (God is Supreme).

If anyone wants to ensure their race does not become extinct by 2100, then start impregnating your women. I am stepping forward to stand up for that mission. Any white girls who need help...woof woof?

Taking out mosques?

When the paper and social media jihad in the USA turns to bullets and bombs jihadis taking out We the People and our churches, police, armories, National Guard etc--then as the force of last resort, USCF Counter Jihad Ops will be launched in cooperation with your local EOCs, LEOs, National.Guard, Militia, and US Military via Northcom, Delta Force, SEAL Team 6 etc.

Are we there yet? No. But USCF is at Defcon 2 and Defcon 1 is not far away....so prep.

These ISIS jihad terrorists have lost their real estate in Iraq and Syria and are returning to Western countries. They are entering the USA from the jihad lovers in Canada and Mexico because we do not have a Wall. So expect shit to start hitting your local fan.

USCF follows a NAP Non Aggression Principle. That means we do not shoot first and we do not advocate non-violence like Gandhi or MLK. When attacked, we fight back in self defense. We don't play games. At the same time, we are the force of last resort when the local leos, state guards and US Military get overwhelmed and fail to respond to acts of terrorism, tyranny or foreign invasion/insurgency.

My advice to law abiding non-Jihad Muslims in the USA who are US citizens: To be safe, consider attending mosque from home through the internet unless you are in the Middle East because otherwise your openly Jihadi mosque (80% in USA are) like this one is clearly a soft target for counter jihadi strikes.

My advice to Jihad muslims in the USA planning to attack We the People: keep going to your jihad mosques so we know who and where you are.

That's all I can say.



United States Civilian Forces

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