Trump Bump Stock Policy is Misguided


That's the inextricable urban New Yorker in Trump that you have to live with.

I admit that bump stocks make semi-auto long guns fire like machine guns, but they are not as accurate and machine guns should not be restricted either.


I dont have a bump stock and never planned on getting one, but we the people have the right to keep and bare arms without infringements of any kind to secure our rights. Because we are not deploying those arms to secure our rights, our rights are being legally eroded one-by-one.

Regardless of whatever legislators enact as law:

1) We still have all our God given

unalienable rights: they did not magically disappear overnite.

2) We can still exercise our rights: our hands didn't fall off by an act of Congress, executive fiat, or judicial ruling.

3) We need to be ready to defend our rights by the same means we used to acquire them.

Send the message to Trump that his policy on bump stocks is misguided. He has gotten a lot of thinks right, but on this issue he is wrong.

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