What Some Sovereign Citizens Get Wrong.

By 1%Watchdog

I identify myself as a conservative centrist and patriotic US citizen. I became aware of the sovereign citizen movement four years ago. I have watched a few videos on the subject, and can say with certainty that I don't know everything there is to know about it. There is a wide variety of viewpoints on a broad spectrum of topics and I do not pretend to know or agree with them all.

What I do know is that:

1. The United States of America is a union of states (republic). It is a nation of sovereign states and we the people are collectively the sovereign ruler of the union and the states. Additionally, we are citizens of the United States and citizens of the state in which we reside.

2. We the People replaced the divine right of kings as the sovereign ruler of America, *collectively* not individually. That is a fact and it is called civilian authority. I have seen a number of sovereigns make the mistake of thinking they are individually sovereign.

3. Individually, we are not little kings who can legally command government officers outside of whatever legal powers that may exist, as such, as long as the government officers are acting within the bounds of the Constitution.

4. As the collective sovereign we delegated power to form our government via the US Constitution, and also consented to be governed by it and the government formed by it therein, thus effectively subjecting ourselves to the rule of laws created by the government.

5. That is, provided that the laws created by the government are not violating the US Constitution and Bill of Rights (the highest law of the land). The bottom line is that we created the government to protect our rights, not to infringe or destroy them.

6. In other words, we are sovereigns who voluntarily become subject to the rule of law, which includes the possibility of our lives, liberty and property being placed in jeopardy by a jury of our peers (the civilian authority of We the People). That is like a king agreeing to subject himself and stand for trial in his own court. Normally the king was above the law...but not here in America.

7. We are the highest authority under God in this country and the Declaration of Independence states that when the government we empowered goes rogue and trashes the Constitution and our rights, we then have a duty and right to withdraw our consent to be governed by such tyrants and enforce the Constitution and Bill of Rights by defending it with force of arms, if necessary (the reason for the 2nd amendment).

8. If you feel the government is rogue and tyrannical in violation of the constitution, then the only legal recourse is to withdraw your consent to be governed by a rogue tyrannical unconstitutional government and alter or abolish it with force of arms by raising up another US Continental Army to put down the despots and replace it with a new government.

9. Unless and until you do that, you are consenting to tyranny, like all the other cowards in history, and will remain subject to the rule of law by tyrants.

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